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Chilling Tales!

with The Master of the Macabre

Supernatural Events' founder and Haunted Blackpool author, Stephen Mercer, is The Master of the Macabre! A storyteller, who, through the tales and stories of ghosts, hauntings, mysteries, murder and witches from Victorian, Gothic and Classic authors, will leave you wondering how to answer three simple questions...

1. Should you turn the lights out tonight when you want to go to sleep?
2. Should you look under the bed... just in case?
3. Should you check that the wardrobe door is firmly closed?

If you would like to know more, contact Stephen on 07519 265637 or via the Contact Us link on the left.


When Stephen first advertised that he would be telling stories of a ghostly nature for Halloween we contacted him immediately to secure a booking. As always Stephen did not disappoint. He delivered the tales to the audience with amazing precision and perfection. The audience remained captivated from beginning to end, hanging on his every word. Stephen really is the true 'Master of Macabre'."
Tania Fleming, North Perk Cafe Bar & Bistro, North Pier

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Blackpool Ghost Walks will return during all main holiday periods throughout 2023. Join The Victorian Ghost Hunter on the "No 1 Tour in Blackpool" (Tripadvisor) - the famous Blackpool Ghost Walks. Click the image for more

The UK's only Ghost Tram is back for 2023 with The Victorian Ghost Hunter taking you on a terrifying tour from Blackpool to Fleetwood and back! Click image for more