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North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood

Ghost Hunts - Friday 3 November 2023

There will be no sleeping in the hotel on these nights. Instead you'll be wandering corridors, cellars and function rooms... Be brave and join us for 5 hours of investigations from 10pm to 3am!!!


The North Euston Hotel originally opened in 1841 to serve overnight guests making the rail journey from London Euston to Scotland. Travellers would alight at Fleetwood and take the sea ferry to Ardrossan and then travel onwards by rail to Glasgow. The hotel has a chequered past becoming a school of musketry and then Officers’ quarters before converting back to a hotel in the 1890s. The ghostly figures of men have been seen in the cellars, a lady on the ground floor and a child skipping along corridors. The ghosts are many at North Euston. What will you experience as we investigate this amazing location? These events are for those who are 18 and over only.

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