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Raikes Hall, Blackpool

Ghost Hunt : Saturday 18 November 2017

Raikes Hall was built in 1760 by William Boucher. Originally a family home with servant quarters, stables and gardens the Hall became a convent in 1860. Rumours exist to this day of one of the Sisters of the Holy Child drowning in the lake within the gardens. Could this be the nun that has been seen walking through the Hall or in the bowling green at the rear of current Raikes Hall?

After the convent closed the grounds were used for the Blackpool (Horse) Races and from 1871 the lands were owned by Raikes Hall Park, Gardens and Aquarium Company who created the Royal Palace Gardens, an attraction which included an Indian Lounge, a theatre, a ballroom, skating park and much more.

With the opening of many other Blackpool attractions including the original Winter Gardens, visitor numbers decreased and sadly the Royal Palace Gardens closed and the land sold to housing developers. Today, the Raikes Hall public house is all that remains and it is that pub we shall investigate including the function room, the public area, the grounds and the cellars. You might bump into the ghost of a man who roams the cellars or hear the screams that have come from the gardens...

Be prepared for anything at Raikes Hall... Things are known to move for no apparent reason, there are cold spots galore and strange shadows where there shouldn't be shadows!

Places are limited, and must be booked in advance. Don't leave it too late as these will certainly sell out!

Dates & Booking Information

Saturday 18 November 2017 : 9pm - 2am - SOLD OUT!

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